We would like to welcome Capital Ortho as sponsor for MADCRA.


Whether you injured your foot while playing basketball or hurt your hip while lifting heavy boxes at work, you shouldn’t endure your joint or tissue pain for too long. Our orthopaedic physicians are here to help.


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Madcra welcomes STARS legal dwarf car chassis to join the club!!!!


Bring to the track, guaranteed one night to race along with 75% approval by MADCRA  Members on a case by case basis for future races (Older motors welcomed).


Madcra members have donated used tires for those who need Hoosier.


For questions or in need of used parts contact Charlie Brown (515) 460-2573 or Randy Bryan (515) 231-5342 to discuss.




MADCRA Banquet


The 2018 Madcra Banquet was held Saturday, January 19, 2019.


Congratulations to Travis Stensland - MADCRA Champion


Rookie of the Year-Tanner Gannon


Best Appearing Car-Travis Stensland


Sportsmanship Award-Kevin Grisham



1st-Travis Stensland, 2nd-Joe Glick, 3rd-Randy Bryan, 4th-Bryan Zehm, 5th-Charlie Brown, 6th-Tanner Gannon, 7th-Kevin Grisham, 8th-Mike Morrill, 9th-Joel Huggins, 10th-Terry Brown.



Randy Bryan picked the Bilstein Mod Lite STARS 2018 National Championship. His 4th National Championship!