The Sweet Corn Potluck is back!! Thanks to the Stenland’s and their family, the annual sweet corn potluck will be held after the races at Boone Speedway on Saturday August 8th! They will be providing all the sweet corn, utensils, plates, etc. All you will need to bring is your own beverage and a side dish/dessert if you’d like. We hope to see you there!

Congrats to Jane Zehm on picking up the win at the Powder Puff Race at the Marshalltown Speedway on July 24th!


July 5, 2020  News-

Powder Puff Race!

The Marshalltown Speedway will be hosting the Powder Race! All participants will received $25 with the remainder money going to 1st and 2nd place in the race. The rain date is August 7th.

Ladies, if you are planning on participating in the event, you must wear a fire suit and Helmet. Also ladies who races on competitively in any class will not be eligible to participate in the event.

Thanks to these sponsors for helping on putting on this event! Atomic Airbrushing, Jared Bailey Photography, AJ's Excavating, Boone Rentals, SF&F Homes Services, and Sandy Grisham



We have a variety of tires in stock at every MADCRA event.  If you are need tires, please contact Joe Glick.  $ 115 a tire


East Moline Races

The Illinois Modlite club reached out to us at MADCRA and would love to have some of us race with them at East Moline. They race every Sunday night at the Bull Ring in East Moline.  I have put their payout below for your knowledge. Also, every week they do draw/redraw. Their president Jon Padilla also said that they are working on masking the payout higher for further back next year. If you are interested in racing with them every once in a while and have more questions please get ahold of Jon Padilla on Facebook.


1. $250

2. $150

3. $125

4. $100

5. $90

6. $80

7. $70

8. $60

9. $50

10. $45

11. $40

12. $40

13. $40

14. $40

15. $40

16. $40

17. $40

18. $40

19. $40

20. $40

June 30, 2020  News-

Our first potluck will be at Boone Speedway on July 4 after the races. This a perfect night to do a potluck since we will have a heavier car count due to it being a National Race, so we can socialize and mingle with modlite drivers all throughout the country. HOWEVER, since Covid19 is still around we ask that the food brought is store bought. We will have grills set up so that you can make your own meat. Spread the word!


Also for July 4, we will have an honorary MADCRA member, Jaxon. Jaxon is a extraordinary boy who is fighting cancer and is a racing fanatic! He will be attending the races and dropping the green flag for our feature. We are raising money so that he and his family do not have to pay the pit pass fees. If you would like to donate please contact Chelsea May.


Craig Davidson will have these awesome stickers on the 4th of July if anyone would like to put them on their car to support Jaxon


We would like to welcome Capital Ortho as sponsor for MADCRA.


Whether you injured your foot while playing basketball or hurt your hip while lifting heavy boxes at work, you shouldn’t endure your joint or tissue pain for too long. Our orthopaedic physicians are here to help.


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